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When you win the super lotto of beach glass finds it's with orange, yellow and red.  So consider your luck changing when you wear this beautiful necklace.  An amazing conversation starter, people will stop you in your tracks, and let's face it, all because of your beauty and well maybe just a little because of this gem.  Made with 7 pieces of yellow, orange and red pieces of sea glass that are drilled and put on a silver wire.  Then the pieces are suspended in a handmade, hammered and riveted sterling square.  The silver chain is hand formed and capped off with a handmade disc and t-bar closure.  The square measures 2" in diameter and the total length of the necklace is 22".  Hopefully your adoring public will be able to see you unveil this "real looker" because after all it takes one to know one.


Price includes shipping.

Crazy Rare Colors Square Stacked Necklace

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